Gravity by Anton Roolaart

Anton Roolaart Website
I first heard Anton’s song “On To The Afterglow” from his debut album “Dreamer” in 2007 on ProgRock Radio. I was immediately taken by the retro Pink Floyd “Echoes” type soundscape and sought out the Dreamer record. You can hear touches of influences in Anton’s music, enough to evoke a nod or a reference but not too much that you miss the infusion of his own style and voice into the work. In listening to Anton’s recently released single “Gravity” I hear the same characteristics that attracted me to his earlier work but there is also a substantial layer of growth. This tune still has the elements of “Pink Floyd” but with the modernistic production and “feel” of a Porcupine Tree tune. There are parts of the orchestral keyboard sounds and arrangements that will remind you of Yes, Genesis or The Moody Blues ~ guaranteed to satisfy proggers like myself that dig those big keyboard sounds.
You can hear the growth and maturity in the songwriting, arrangement and production. I suggest everyone check this out! It sits well along side “Flying Colors” (reviewed below) in my iPod player. Kudos to Anton, I can’t wait to hear the completed album. Check out Anton’s website above and give a listen to the “Dreamer” album while you are at it ~


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